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Cleaning Plug (Delta 3D Studios)

These multi-deployable tapered silicone rubber plugs will fit male and female openings with a water-tight fit.

Available in: 17 - 23 mm 10 - 16 mm

Dr. Dabber Iso-Snaps (24 pieces)

Dr. Dabber's Iso-Snaps are the perfect all-in-one solution to clean a vaporizer's hard to reach parts.

Haze Dual V3 Cleaning Sticks

Haze Dual V3 Cleaning Sticks, for cleaning the Haze Dual V3.

Pow! Pow! cleaner

Clean your bong, pipe or vaporizer accessory with Pow! Pow! cleaner. Just add the mix to warm water, let the item soak and rinse. Suitable for glass, metal, acrylic and ceramic objects.

Puffco cotton swabs

These cotton swabs have two differently shaped cotton tips that are specially designed to reach all the parts of the Puffco vaporizer. 


Advanced and powerful bong, pipe and vaporizer cleaning formula. Eco friendly, biodegradable and reusable up to 3 times.

THCleaner alcohol wipes

Quickly sanitize and clean small vaporizer, bong or pipe parts with these pre-moistened, soft alcohol wipes (99% isopropyl alcohol) by THCleaner.

The Vape Spittoon (Delta 3D Studios)

The Vape Spittoon catches spent material from any stem or whip style vaporizer.

TopBond Novae/Novae2 cleaning brush

Small but sturdy cleaning brush to keep your Topbond vaporizer clean.

VapCap degummed hemp fiber

Multi-purpose hemp fiber for the VapCap vaporizer

Vape tool Scoop-N-Poke (Delta 3D Studios...

The Vape tool Scoop-N-Poke scoop was designed to precisely load ground herb into a vaporizer. The other side features a fine poking tool designed to loosen and stir partially vaped material.

Vape Tool Scoop-N-Tamp (Delta 3D Studios...

The Vape tool Scoop-N-Tamp scoop was designed to precisely load ground herb into a vaporizer. The other side features a fine tamp tool designed to compress herb.

VaporGenie cleaning brush nylon

A soft brush made out of nylon, for cleaning the VaporGenie vaporizer.

VaporGenie stainless steel cleaning brus...

Custom-made stainless steel brush for a thorough cleaning of the VaporGenie vaporizer. 

XMAX Starry Cleaning Set

Many minor vaporizer-ailments can be fixed with this Xmax Starry cleaning set.