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Flip Brick

The Sticky Brick Flip Brick is a handy water tool adapter and a flame powered convection vaporizer in one. The smallest Sticky Brick vape so far is designed to work with a bubbler, bong, water tool or water pipe. The Flip Brick comes with a 14 mm and an 18 mm male joint, making it easy to connect to almost any water tool.

The Sticky Brick vapes are known for the insanely thick, flavourful and effective vapour they produce. The Flip Brick is no different. The Brick contains no plastic or electronic parts that interfere with the vapour and the high. All Sticky Brick vaporizers are handmade out of glass and wood. The Flip Brick is available in the following versions:

  • Rock maple (light brown)
  • Cherry (the one in between)
  • Walnut (dark brown)


What’s in the box?

  • Flip Brick vaporizer
  • Glass heat intake
  • 14 mm male connector
  • 18 mm male connector
  • Butane lighter (butane not included)
  • 6 Replacement screens
  • Stainless steel stir tool

Please note: The Flip Brick is designed for use with a water filter/piece. A (glass) water filter is not included.


Gently clean the Flip Brick with a cotton swab or q-tip and warm water then dry thoroughly. Please do not clean wood parts with ISO alcohol and only condition with wood finish.


Do not touch the glass intake immediately after use.

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