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Magic-Flight Launch Box

The Magic-Flight Launch Box is a compact portable electric vaporizer. The Box is a fast, reliable and efficient means for anyone to vaporize anywhere, anytime.

Available in: maple walnut cherry

Magic-Flight ABV container

Plastic screw top container to hold the material that has already been vaped.

Magic-Flight acrylic stem

The acrylic stem cools the vapour. This stem is robust and durable and is made specifically for the Launch Box.

Magic-Flight Battery Case (2-cell)

Battery case to hold 2 Magic-Flight batteries, small enough to fit into the Magic-Flight Launch Box case.

Magic-Flight battery charger

To recharge your batteries.

Magic-Flight battery end caps

Set of spare Magic-Flight battery caps.

Magic-Flight battery pushback ring

Keeps the Magic-Flight from continually making contact with the battery once the battery is let go.

Magic-Flight Bottle Rocket

The Bottle Rocket accessory turns almost any narrow-neck bottle into a water filtration device for the Launch Box or Muad-Dib.

Available in: Cherry Walnut

Magic-Flight brush

Cleaning brush for your Magic-Flight.

Magic-Flight Car Accessory

Magic-Flight vaporizer car accessory, plugs into a car's 12V lighter port and powers the Magic-Flight power adapter or battery charger

Magic-Flight carry tin

A tin to carry your Magic-Flight vaporizer in.

Magic-Flight dart stem

Hand-crafted in the United States, these elegantly designed wooden dart stems add a natural beauty to your Launch Box vaporizer.

Available in: maple cherry walnut

Magic-Flight draw whip

Allows your vapour to cool as it goes through the tubing. Length: 1 foot / 30 cm.

Available in: 3 ft (91.44 cm) 2 ft (60.96 cm) 1 ft (30.48 cm)

Magic-Flight elastics for kit

A pair of spare elastics.

Magic-Flight finishing grinder

Creates the type of micro-fine grind ideal for use in the Launch Box.

Available in: walnut cherry maple

Magic-Flight glass stem

The portable glass stem cools the vapour. This stem is robust and durable and is made specifically for the Launch Box.

Magic-Flight herbal concentrate tray

Enables you to use herbal concentrates and extracts in your Launch Box.

Magic-Flight Orbiter

The Orbiter diffuser attaches to your Magic-Flight Launch Box or Muad-Dib Concentrate Box vaporizer for smooth, water-cooled hits, sending you into high orbit on thick clouds of vapour. Includes two w...

Available in: maple cherry walnut

Magic-Flight rechargeable batteries

2 NiMH 2250 mAh rechargeable batteries with battery caps for your Magic-Flight Launch Box.

Magic-Flight tweezers

These tweezers are handy tool for placing your concentrate tray in the Launch Box or loading concentrates into your Muad-Dib Concentrate Box.

Magic-Flight UFO bubbler

The Unnamed Filtration Object (UFO) is a unique bubbler for on the go water-filtered vaping with your Launch Box or Muad-Dib.

Magic-Flight water pipe whip

Connect your Magic-Flight Launch Box to your favourite water pipe (14 mm). Using your Launch Box with water filtration will cool the vapour and allow for smoother, larger draws.

Available in: cherry walnut glass fitter 14 > 18 mm maple

Magic-Flight wooden stem

Hand-made wooden stem made exclusively for use with the Launch Box.

Available in: cherry walnut maple