New generation vaporizers: Ghost MV1. Now available in four colours!

Fenix Svaty

Convection heating vaporizer that fits in you...

1 piece

The Fenix by Weecke is a minimalistic convect...

Fenix full magnetic top
1 piece

Magnetic top, mouthpiece included, for the Fe...

Fenix mouthpiece
1 piece

Replaceable mouthpiece for the Fenix vaporize...

Fenix oil cup
1 piece

Spare oil cup for the Fenix vaporizer.

Fenix screen
1 set (2 pieces)

A replacement or spare screen for your Fenix...

Fenix silicone ring
1 piece

Spare silicone ring to be used in the magneti...

Fenix Svaty silicone mouthpiece inlay
1 piece

Spare inlay for the Fenix Svaty mouthpiece.