AirVape Xs
Red Gold

The AirVape Xs is a discreet pocket size vapo...

AirVape Xs charging dock
1 piece

Nicely designed charging dock for the AirVape...

AirVape Xs full mouthpiece
1 piece

Extra rubbber coated mouthpiece for the AirVa...

AirVape Xs leather cover
1 piece

A stylish cover for the AirVape Xs.

AirVape Xs magnetic charger
1 piece

Innovative magnetic charger by AirVape uses a...

AirVape Xs power bank
1 piece

This convenient power bank with triple USB-pl...

AirVape Xs screen (3 pieces)
1 piece

Extra screens for use in the AirVape Xs.

AirVape Xs shell
1 piece

The slip-on shell makes the AirVape Xs water...

AirVape Xs wax cup
1 piece

Wax cup for easy use of waxy oils and concent...