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Dr. Dabber Light
1 piece

The Dr. Dabber Light is the compact counterpa...

Dr. Dabber Light atomizer
1 piece

Spare or replacement atomizer for the Dr. Dab...

Dr. Dabber Light battery
1 piece

Replacement battery for the Dr Dabber Light.

Dr. Dabber Light ceramic atomizer
Ceramic Atomizer

Replacement atomizer for the Dr. Dabber Light...

Dr. Dabber Light top
1 piece

Replacement top portion for the Dr. Dabber Li...

Dr. Dabber Light USB charger
1 piece

Spare USB charger for the Dr. Dabber Ghost or...

Dr. Dabber storage ball
1 piece

A silicon ball for storing your concentrate c...

Dr. Dabber USB charger
1 piece

USB charger cable for the Dr. Dabber Ghost an...