Note: this product is not suitable for herbs or e-liquids, but only for oils and waxy concentrates.

Dabstorm is a high-quality variable voltage ceramic dab pen designed to deliver the tastiest, cleanest and most powerful vapour hits from oils and waxes.

The successor to the hugely popular Dabstar, Dabstorm is equally as stealthy and user-friendly, but features a higher-quality build and finish, with a choice of custom-designed ceramic atomizers and an all-new improved stainless steel and glass mouthpiece design.

A quantum leap above the traditional wick-and-coil design of other similar dab pens, the Dabstorm kit includes two all-new atomizers. One is an all-ceramic donut style atomizer with no exposed coils: this delivers the cleanest flavour and freshest hits. The second atomizer is made up of a ceramic rod with a titanium wire coil, for a higher temperature experience: thicker clouds and more powerful hits with truly great flavour.

Dabstorm features an easy-to-use variable voltage control at the base of the unit, allowing the user to choose between a lower temperature for the best possible flavour, or a higher setting for the biggest clouds and strongest hits that your chosen atomizer can deliver.

Dabstorm takes the original Dabstar to the next level: a truly cutting edge and high-end device at an unbeatable price.


  • Dabstorm variable voltage battery
  • Dabstorm ceramic donut atomizer
  • Dabstorm ceramic rod atomizer
  • Metal mouthpiece
  • Glass mouthpiece x 2
  • Dabber tool
  • Usb charging cable
  • Concentrate container

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