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Ilex Guayusa tincture

Ilex Guayusa is a caffeine filled plant that is referred to as the "Night Watchman" by the indigenous hunters that drink Ilex Guayusa to sharpen their instincts and stay alert all night.

Green Matters is specialized in translating traditional herbs into a modern form. Their tinctures are standardized, potent and easy to use. The Ilex Guayusa leaves used for this tincture are ecologically sourced in Ecuador. The tincture is made of Ilex Guayusa concentrate and 20% alcohol.


The caffeine of Ilex Guayusa is released into the blood stream slowly so there is no sudden burst of caffeine introduced into the system. Providing an alert, non-jittery feeling.


1-15 drops under the tongue or dissolved in water.
Shelf-live after opening: 3 months

Contains: 5 ml


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