CBD products

Only available in The Netherlands

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive component of the hemp plant. CBD is usually extracted as an oil, for one of the quickest and easiest ways of taking CBD.

Conscious CBD oil comes from the highest quality providers with standardized cannabidiol content.

CBChai (CBDirective)

CBChai by CBDirective is a CBD-rich herbal tea.

CBCrystals (CBDirective)

CBCrystals by CBDirective is a pure CBD extract independently tested at a sky-rocketing 99.6% Enjoy the soothing effects of CBD in a new way,

Available in: powdered (without terpenes) with hemp terpenes without hemp terpenes

CBD CBJells (CBDirective)

CBD oil by CBDirective, now available in practical and tasteless gel caps.

Available in: 10 capsules 20 capsules


CBD CBTea Chakra Chai (CBDirective)

An organic blend of CBD-rich hemp and Indian Chai that provides a complex aromatic experience.


CBD CBTea green jasmine (CBDirective)

CBTea Green Jasmine, an organic blend of CBD-rich hemp and high-grade Chinese jasmine green Tea.

CBD Chamomile (CBDirective)

CBDirective presents an innovative combination of old and new with the CBD Chamomile capsule.

CBD Crystals Cannabidiol (Procare Nutrac...

These CBD crystals by Procare Nutraceuticals are made from organic Dutch hemp.

Available in: 250 mg 1000 mg

CBD E-liquid (Sensi Seeds)

Sensi Seeds E-liquid is a unique suspension of 99% CBD produced from organically grown industrial hemp. A true advance in e-cigarette and vape pen technology.

Available in: 50 mg 200 mg

CBD full spectrum hemp seed oil (Procare...

Full spectrum CBD hemp oil - pure, natural and easy to dose.

Available in: 2.5% 5% 10% 20%

CBD full spectrum Nigella sativa oil (Pr...

Full spectrum CBD extraction in black cumin oil which has a smoother taste compared to other CBD oils.

Available in: 10% 2.5% 5% 20%

CBD oil 10% (Royal Queen Seeds)

CBD oil with 10% of cannabidiol.

Available in: 30 ml 10 ml

CBD oil 2.5% (Royal Queen Seeds)

CBD oil that looks like liquid gold by Royal Queen Seeds.

Available in: 10 ml 30 ml 50 ml

CBD oil 3.0% (Sensi Seeds)

CBD oil extract (3%) diluted in hemp oil. With the dropper it's easy to use, making a CBD dose available whenever and wherever needed.

Available in: 10 ml, English label 30 ml 10 ml, Dutch label

CBD oil 4% (Royal Queen Seeds)

Royal Queen Seeds 4% extract is made from 100% organic hemp.

Available in: 10 ml 30 ml 50 ml

CBD oil capsules 10% (Royal Queen Seeds)

CBD oil capsules in a large 10% dose, thanks Royal Queen Seeds! The easiest way to take CBD.

CBD oil capsules 4% (Royal Queen Seeds)

Renowned cannabis growers Royal Queen Seeds present CBD oil soft gels.

CBD PURE 5% (Procare Nutraceuticals)

Pure CBD without any additional cannabinoids.

CBHerb Pouch (CBDirective)

CBHerb is a unique CBD rich herbal supplement that can be used in many ways.

Power Sleep CBD (Royal Queen Seeds)

Royal Queen Seeds presents a very special CBD formula with melatonin.