Return policy

All returns must first be registered with our customer service.

With certain products, it's difficult to predict what your sales will be. This is why Conscious offers customers the option of trying out products and returning them to us. As a store (or website) owner this will give you the opportunity to see how a product is received by your customers.

If a product doesn't sell, we'll accept a return shipment for a small restocking fee. The majority of our products give you the opportunity to return them up to three months after purchase.

Please read our terms & conditions and use the form below if you wish to return products.

Return within three months

We'd like to maintain a fair and transparent policy for all our customers. To that end, we have set up a number of general terms and conditions that need to be met, with a few exceptions for perishable products.

Please consult customer service or your account manager before returning items to us. Products that returned without our consent will not be processed.

General terms & conditions 

  • Products that were sold in quantities of five pieces or more do not apply for the return policy. If you wish to return a product of which you've previously ordered more than five pieces, we can try to come to an agreement per individual case.
  • The (shipping) costs for returning items fall upon the customer.
  • We use a standard restocking fee of 10%.
  • Products which were ordered and delivery on special request cannot be returned.
  • Returned items need to have a shelf life of at least six months.
  • We can only accept products in their original, undamaged packaging.
  • Packages with additional stickers or price tags will not be accepted.
  • We only accept unused products.
  • We only accept products that are still part of the Conscious catalogue.



Certain product groups have a limited shelf life and cannot be returned:

  • Cannabis seeds
  • Grow kits, sclerotia and spores
  • Cacti

Incorrect deliveries and damages

We strive to deliver each order timely, correct and undamaged. However, sometimes we may make a mistake or you may have accidentally ordered the wrong product. Please contact us as soon as possible in case of an incorrect delivery, so we may quickly amend it.

Should products arrive spoiled or with defects, please contact us. In these cases, the conditions above do not apply.